What Is Weekly Money Multiplier?

Weekly Money Multiplier is a trading program specifically focused on teaching both new and experienced traders about the ins and outs of options trading with professional trader and Raging Bull Trading Co-Founder, Jeff Bishop. He started Weekly Money Multiplier as a way for him to teach others about options trading in today’s stock market. Working alongside fellow professional trader and educator Nathan Bear, Jeff Bishop’s options trading program has helped countless paying members master the art of options trading for long-term success.

Offering an array of services to students in the Raging Bull Trading program, Jeff Bishop guides individuals through daily strategies so that they can mirror his alerts. Weekly Money Multiplier offers members an exclusive options trading course, which is both simple and easy to follow for beginners. An extensive video library of lessons and real-time trade alerts are also offered to members that provide exclusive tips on taking advantage of smart options trades.

Weekly Money Multiplier gives individuals access to Jeff’s personal options trading account to see exactly what he does and how they can do the same. This unique opportunity grants both new and experienced traders the ability to see how one of the world’s smartest and most experienced stock trader operates.

Offering profitable trade alerts, combined with a great education in options trading, Weekly Money Multiplier has become a go-to source for those looking to get involved in stock trading. The program focuses on long term goals and teaches members everything, from how to get started to how to become an expert trader. With Jeff Bishop’s experience and insight, Weekly Money Multiplier educates members on the various elements of the market in a way that is understandable for anybody. An online program that is conveniently available on mobile devices, Weekly Money Multiplier is a product that can be of tremendous value to any individual.

Who Is Professional Trader Jeff Bishop?

Jeff Bishop is a professional trader and co-founder of Raging Bull Trading, which is also known as RagingBull.com. He brings over 20 years of professional experience within the stock trading industry. Throughout the years, Jeff has remained an active trader, which had led him to become known as a master of in-depth stock market analysis. His knack and expertise on options trading makes him a leader in the trading field.

After finding significant success as a professional trader, Jeff Bishop decided that he wanted to create an educational program on trading, so he could share his strategy and experiences with those who are interested in entering trading. As Jeff began mentoring other people on stock trading, he became known as the guru’s guru, because of his role as a mentor to guide other leaders in trading. Jeff is a member of MENSA, the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world, putting him into the elite 2% of the population.

As part of the Weekly Money Multiplier program with Jeff Bishop and Nathan Bear, members receive:


  • Jeff Bishop’s Options Portfolio Streaming Live
  • High Conviction Option Swing Trades Aiming For 100% Wins Alerted Via Text And Email
  • Intensive Options Course
  • Mastermind Video Lessons
  • Live Online Training Sessions During The Year With Jeff Bishop

Weekly Money Multiplier is offered through Raging Bull Trading, the original trading program created by trading professionals Jeff Bishop and Jason Bond. Raging Bull Trading offers new or experienced active traders who are looking for access to stock picks, stock ideas, how to get started trading stocks, and overall stock market education.